ACE has a number of resources for radical community groups and individuals:

* Attractive meeting space open to a wide range of groups
* Child-friendly space
* Computers with printer, scanner and broadband internet access
* Infoshop with fascinating book, magazine and CD collection
* Lending library of books and pamphlets (donations welcome)
* Books, magazines and pamphlets for sale
* Film projector
* Cheap photocopying
* A selection of coffee and handicrafts from the autonomous regions in Chiapas, Mexico for sale

Please feel free to drop in during opening hours for more information. We happily accept donations of books, magazines and office equipment (from stationery to hardware).

ACE Cinema

Would you be interested in holding a film showing at ACE?

ACE is a small venue but can hold about 40 people for a film screening.

We have a projector, DVD player and stereo sound system set up for film screenings as well as the cables needed for connecting to them from a portable computer such as a laptop (you’ll have to bring your own laptop though).

If you would like to hold a film screening at ACE please get in touch.