PIE – Oficina Precaria Edinburgh

Precarious office – the places unions don’t reach.

Who are we? / What we do

Oficina Precaria of Edinburgh – PIE is a project/organisation that deals with attention, support and advice (free legal support) to any working Spanish-speaking migrant residing in Scotland.

We offer free solidarity and support for people in a precarious employment situation as a casual worker and as a migrant. We offer legal advice that takes care of answering questions and offers information on workers’ rights and bureaucratic paperwork, completely free of charge. The aim is to help the worker legalise their situation or at least understand exactly what situation they are in. In the event that the employee wishes to sue the company, the consultancy also provides contact with a lawyer.

We also lead campaigns that report precarious employment. By these actions they intend to put pressure on organisations that show the least respect for worker’s rights and thus achieve specific improvements for migrant workers. But also to give visibility to migrants employment instability conditions as we are considered cheap labour.

We primarily give information, advice and support about migrants’ rights and we facilitate the access to already existing organisations, unions and resources already established in Scotland and we work closely with other social activist groups in improving labour conditions for all workers!


Queries and consultations will be primarily done by email. Ask for an appointment.

Appointments are normally on Monday & Friday afternoons, from 14:00.

We always need people to help us, especially with knowledge in social support, work related support, etc. in Scotland. If you are interested, contact us through our web page.